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New heating hose technique

Where in the past the foodstuff hose systems were heated externally and were thus heavy and unwieldy, the new foodstuff hose stands out because of its compact build. The heating element is wound onto the inner liner of the NBR hose and is thus vulcanised in the inner core. There is practically no more difference to an unheated hose either optically or in technical application terms. The temperature sensor is also worked into the hose and captures the temperature directly at the hose wall. This universal hose is suitable to transport fatty (especially animal and vegetable fats & oils) and non-fatty foodstuffs. Also suitable to carry alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and fruit juices.

For temperature ranges +10 to +80°C. All hose materials meet the requirements of "Recommendation XXI Cat. 2" of the German Institute for Consumer health (BGVV) and FDA §177.2600.


Clear NBR inner liner
Torsion and pressure-proof fabric carcass
Integrated heating conductor with PT100 sensor
Blue non-scratch, weather-resistant outer
Optional -> black, clear or red outer
Inside smooth, outside smooth textile patterned
Suitable for CIP and conventional cleaning
Short-duration steam cleaning up to 130°C
Stainless steel fittings of 1.4301 vulcanised bubble-free
Conical hose connector/groove nut, threaded hose connector, optional flange (aseptic…)
Operating voltage 230 VAC, optional 115V or special voltages
Mains cable 1.5 metres

On request, we can also supply suction and pressure hoses with steel coil. For higher temperatures, we can also make fluorpolymer (Viton) hoses. Connectors with flanges, rapid-action couplings or exterior threads also available on request. A range of temperature control devices is available, ranging from the HT 54 integrated mini-controller with fixed temperature setting to convenient microprocessor controlled devices.

Miniaturised controller and a heated water-hose permit flexible water supply

All flexible or temporary "buildings" have problems with their water supply and drainage in winter or in cold environments. This affects all applications from living and working containers, such as site installations, in mining operations, refugee camps, military operations or even the stalls and caravans used by traders at Christmas fairs. Water supply is a particular problem because fairly thin flexible hoses with 0.5 to 1 inch diameter are often used and the risk of freezing is extremely high.
So it would be a good idea to heat such hoses, wouldn't it? We developed a solution.
In the connector head on the hose is a circuit board just 35 x 40 mm small with a 1000 Watt/5A rating. The special, flexible heating conductor was wound onto the inner liner of the NR/SBR hose and is vulcanised into the core. There is practically no more difference to an unheated hose, either optically or in technical application terms. The protection class is IP 64 and the bending radius 250 mm. Electrical energy is fed in only at the connector head by means of a cable. The temperature sensor is also integrated into the connector head so that the temperature can be maintained above freezing point or the water heated up to 60°C.
These heated water supply lines are available in standard lengths of 10, 20 and 40 m at 3/4" diameter.
Special designs possible.


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